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Wonderful care starts with Wündercare

Welcome to comprehensive childcare management software –
the first all-in-one childcare app designed exclusively for childcare providers by childcare providers.

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A better Solution

Childcare software designed to help teachers, school districts, parents & Childcare centers

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What sets
Wündercare apart

No More Modules

Gone are the days of picking and choosing from a menu. We know what it takes to run a successful daycare center and we’ve done the work to make your work easier. Wϋndercare comes preloaded with everything you need.

One Platform That Does It All

Why use separate spreadsheets, apps, queries and CRM databases for different functions when what you really need is one integrated software that includes every function. From operations to communications, Wϋndercare does it all.

Safety and Security

Wϋndercare protects the privacy of staff and students. Without a childcare management system like ours, providers often resort to social media and texts to share information, which is less than ideal. Wϋndercare can also integrate existing video systems for parents who wish to monitor their child via live stream.

Connecting Home and School

At the best childcare centers, like yours, parents and providers are in sync, acting as a team to ensure the best possible experience for the children entrusted to your care. With Wϋndercare, parents can always access information with ease and receive updates in real time, building trust and enhancing their level of comfort.

Comprehensive Childcare Management

What we do

Yes, really.

It’s all here.

Everything you need to run your daycare center and more.

The functionality to operate your facility, manage staff, and communicate with parents all in one place. Ditch the spreadsheets and the copy/paste routine. Free up your time in your business to do what you want in the first place: care for kids.


Who we are

At Wϋndercare, we understand the vast amounts of energy it takes to operate a child care center. It can be exhausting! At the end of the day, the last thing you need is more paperwork. We see you. We support you. Learn more about us and why we ‘did the thing’ and built a childcare software and app.

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The first all-in-one app designed exclusively for childcare providers by childcare providers.