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5 Ways to Streamline Your Daycare Center Operations

Owning a daycare center is both rewarding and challenging. People that love children have a chance to do what they love and make a good living running these centers.

Like most industries, technology has created ways to make things more accessible and efficient. In the end, profits improve and more time is spent taking care of the children.

Are you the owner of a daycare center looking for ways to improve your day-to-day operations? Keep reading for five ways to streamline your operations.

1. Create Updated Procedures for Your Daycare Center 

The way daycare centers operate has changed during COVID-19. Your childcare center will need to update its policies to comply with CDC guidance for childcare.

Parents should get notified of all procedural changes in writing. Staff members will need training on new protocols to ensure the safety of everyone. 

2. Invest in Software

Customer Relationship Management software is a must-have for every business. It will streamline your processes and help the facility operate efficiently. The same is true of child care centers. 

Essential features of a CRM or childcare management software include employee and parent management. They also offer features such as an online calendar, childcare center waiting list management, and reporting features.

Your team will have 24-hour access to the administrative tools needed to manage their classrooms better. 

3. Implement an Online Parent Portal

Online parent portals are a key feature at most schools. There is no reason why daycare centers can’t benefit from the technology.

Taking care of children while parents work is an important job. With an online parent portal, teachers can keep parents abreast of their children’s progress. They have online access to receive messages and recommendations.

If the daycare center has permission to photograph the children, they can share those pictures and videos with the parents via the portal.

In instances where a child will be out, the parent can notify the center via the portal. This way, parents don’t have to wait until the center opens to call and relay the message.

4. Evaluate and Update the Staff

As with any company, employees should go through a review process at least once or twice a year. Not only does the childcare center owner provide feedback to the team member, but it also shows their hard work is being recognized. 

Regular meetings with employees are a way to introduce new ideas for the center and ensure team members understand changes. 

5. Develop Communication Options

Communication between the center and parents is valuable and builds rapport. Investing in e-marketing can keep parents engaged and help build brand advocacy.

Creating social media platforms is a plus if you’re looking to fill openings or expand the childcare center. Invite existing families to follow your pages and write reviews. You can also create private groups for current clientele to engage with each other.

Provide a Center Parents can Trust

Most important, parents want a daycare center they can trust. Streamline your processes and focus on providing high-quality care for the children.

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