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Welcome to Wϋndercare: the all-in-one app that delivers a comprehensive childcare management solution.

Wϋndercare was created and designed by a veteran of daycare center management with 18 years of industry experience. This system was built with the ‘end user’ (i.e. you!) in mind. We know that childcare providers have to spend way too much time managing their facilities, which detracts from their first priority to share love with the tiny humans in their care, fostering growth and enriching young minds.

Our software is different precisely because it was created by a real user, someone just like you who managed day-to-day operations with countless spreadsheets, CRM systems, and databases. Someone who tried all the apps on the market and found them lacking.

With Wϋndercare, you’ll increase parent engagement, transparency, communication, and visibility. Just like the kids you care for, no two daycare centers are the same. That’s why Wϋndercare adapts to you and your needs, not the other way around. All the tools you need to manage operations, scheduling, communications, billing, and more. Thoughtful. Integrated. Flexible.

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Rasonn D’Merritt

Rasonn D’Merritt is the CEO of Wϋndercare. With a career spanning over 10 years in the consulting and investment management sectors, Rasonn has used his expertise to assist many high growth companies. He developed the appropriate strategies to nourish and grow businesses in education, real estate, and hospitality sectors. Earlier in his career, Rasonn spent 4 years at Morgan Stanley, but soon realized his true calling is in educating and guiding businesses through change and growth which led him to Kettia Ming. Their partnership is dated back to 2011 when Rasonn was leading his own accounting firm and advising Smarter Toddler.

Through his passion of helping others and motivating the younger generation he felt inspired by Wϋndercare and the solution it will provide businesses just like yours. His main focus is always to improve and work not only harder but smarter. While Rasonn has a diverse background, his talent is most recognized in driving strategy and finding solutions for educational centers through Wϋndercare.


Kettia Etienne Ming

Kettia is the founder of Wϋndercare. But that’s not where her story begins. 

In 2003, Kettia found herself frustrated by a lack of viable daycare options for her then 15-month-old daughter. She decided to SAHM it and opened her home to other parents in the same situation, looking for dependable, quality childcare. Kettia’s home business soon outgrew her home. She opened the Smarter Toddler Nursery & Preschool on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in 2005 she expanded into a second location, executing her vision of childcare as a comfortable, educational extension of the community. Ten years later, she sold her first two centers to Bright Horizons®, and then turned around to open – and eventually sell – two more, this time her high-end Wall Street and Williamsburg locations to KinderCare®, essentially striking lightning twice. 

What she has accomplished is admirable by any standard, but especially poignant for a first-generation immigrant, African American woman entrepreneur in NY, a city with the toughest childcare regulations in the country. She is a true embodiment of the American dream. 

“Always leave a place better than you found it” is a mantra that Kettia believes in. She is committed and determined to support and empower the community that gave her so much. With a future wide open before her, she wanted to merge all of her experience as a mother, childcare provider and entrepreneur to make it easier for others to be successful. Perpetually frustrated by the lack of functionality in other management systems on the market (she tried them all!), Kettia turned her attention to Wϋndercare, building an intuitive, integrated system that allows providers to spend more time doing what they do best, caring for children.

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