Best Apps for Preschoolers Every Parent Must Know

Parents, don’t be afraid to use technology in your favor. 

In fact, with all of the incredible childcare systems and apps out there, we don’t know why you wouldn’t! Whether you’re trying to encourage developmental skills, early literacy, or potty training, there’s most likely an app specifically designed to aid your mission. 

We’ve sorted through the digital pile to find the four best apps on the market right now for parents with preschoolers (and yes, of course, that includes Wündercare).

1.HOMER for early literacy

If you want your child to enter school with basic reading skills, check out HOMER. This program is made by some of the best in the childcare and early childhood education industry, and teaches children confidence and problem-solving skills, as well as encourages “a lifelong love of learning.”

HOMER uses a four-step approach —  introduce, practice, apply, and transfer — that we’ve found is most useful when it comes to early literacy skills. Children begin by learning to identify letters as symbols, then they put those letters into context, learn to use phonics, and eventually start spelling and reading on their own.

The designs along the way are engaging, colorful, and simple, with characters children will learn to recognize and love. HOMER promises that their reading pathway is proven to increase early reading scores by 74 percent, and we believe it.

2.Moose Math for math

This app makes learning math an adventure.

Through five stimulating games, Moose Math teaches children counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry and more. Kids complete learning activities like “Moose Juice” (recipe cards teach basic addition and subtraction) and “Pet Bingo” in an effort to build their own fun, colorful town. Along the way, they meet characters including Sass, a plump little bird, and Moose himself. 

The activities were partially designed by educators from the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and the game includes a report card for parents to monitor kids’ progress.

3.Busy Shapes for motor skills

Busy shapes has a simple design and concept, but is endlessly interesting and instructional for young minds.

This app calls itself “the first digital playground,” and comes with activities that encourage reasoning, problem solving, motor skills, and shape recognition. Children are prompted to complete tasks like sliding a shape into the correct hole. As they go along, the tasks get slightly harder, challenging them to improve their skills.

The music and sound effects are fun as well, and positively reinforce correct moves.

4.Wündercare for childcare management

Look, we wouldn’t make a childcare management app we didn’t recommend!

Wündercare is an all-in-one portal that makes it easy for parents to communicate with teachers and child care providers. In fact, the app is created by a child care provider for child care providers so the experience is authentic, intuitive, and simplified.

Through our easy-to-use app, teachers can share lesson plans and assignments with ease, keeping parents in the loop and involved in their child’s learning. Wündercare also provides parents access to real-time updates, photos, and videos, so you can check in with your little ones while they’re away.

Try a free demo of this drop-in childcare software today!

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