Best Free Childcare Apps In 2022

Child care (also known as daycare) has to do with caring for or supervising a child or multiple children whose ages range from a few weeks to eighteen years, at a time. Child care isn’t an easy task, it’s a broad topic that covers a wide spectrum of institutions, professionals, activities, contexts, and social and cultural conventions.

If you are a childcare worker then you’d know how stressful taking care of multiple children are and despite the stress you go through, you are still expected to meet up with the daily schedules and their needs. Having worked as a childcare worker, there are times when I wished I had some sort of way to help me organize my work and get it done easier. 

If you are like me, then I guess you must have thought about that too. Lucky for us, technology came to the rescue and today there are tons of childcare apps you can use to organize your day which takes off a lot of stress. 

If you should just dive into the Internet looking for childcare apps to download, you’ll be bombarded with a whole lot of options. Some of the apps you’ll find are great and some aren’t. You’ll also find free and paid apps as well. With every app claiming to be better with the services they offer, it becomes difficult to pick one out of the lot and even if you get to find one with good reviews online, chances are, it’s a paid app. I can confidently say all these because I went through all that stress so you wouldn’t have to do the same. In today’s blog post, I’ll be introducing you to the best free childcare apps in 2022.

What’s a childcare app?

Childcare apps are excellent management tools for childcare centres as well as for parents. These apps can help parents communicate with teachers, track their child’s development throughout the day, and schedule pickups. 

Best free childcare apps in 2022

The section you have been waiting for. In this section, I’ll be providing you with some of the best free childcare apps you should use in 2022.

Wündercare App

The Wündercare app is my #1 pick amongst free childcare apps. You might wonder why. It’s simple, the app was designed by childcare providers for a childcare provider. That means they understand all the problems we face as childcare workers and solve them with their all-in-one childcare app.

What makes the app so special?

No modules: With this app, you don’t have to go through the stress of choosing or picking from a menu. The app was created by childcare providers so they know what it takes to run a childcare centre and as such, the app comes preloaded with everything you’ll need.

All-in-one software: With the Wündercare app, you can perform all your childcare functions from operations to communications, queries to CRM databases, etc., nothing is left out.

Safety and security: With the app, you don’t have to worry about your privacy getting breached because Wündercare protects the privacy of the students and staff. Without this app, as a provider, you’d naturally resort to texts and social media platforms to share the information which isn’t ideal. The Wündercare app integrates video systems for parents who’d love to monitor their children without being physically present.

Connecting school and home: There’s no better way to build trust with parents than feeding them with information and updates in real-time. With the Wündercare app, parents and providers can and will be able to act in sync to ensure that the child or children entrusted to your care receive the best possible experience. 

Need more information about this amazing childcare app? Visit them at today


Brightwheel is a childcare management software that was designed for childcare programs like preschools, centres, camps, after-school programs, and daycares. 

This app provides staff teachers, administrators, and directors with the tools needed for digital child assessments, online enrolment, online paperless billing, robust parent communications, automated reporting, etc. The app also has a real-time news feed that lets parents have access to real-time information on their child activities via notes and photos.

The app isn’t entirely free as you’ll be limited when using the free version. With the free version of the app, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Attendance 
  • Photos
  • Invoicing & bill pay
  • Less than 20 students
  • Daily reports
  • Teacher and parent apps
  • 1 staff member 
  • Online help centre

If you are okay with the above features, you can go ahead with the free version. The paid version includes extra features such as check-in, schedules and reminders, room ratios, videos, messaging and calendars, learning standards, lessons and lesson plans, unlimited staff, unlimited students, email, chat and phone support. With as little as $15 per month you can start enjoying its premium features. 


Famly is another great easy-to-use childcare management software that’s free and is designed for childcare centres, preschools, daycares, and nurseries. The app optimizes planning, simplifies administration, and streamlines observations. 

The app is not only used to manage children but you can also manage parents and employees with features for Invoicing, attendance and check-ins, staff management, reporting, occupancy control, finances, parents communication, etc.

The key benefits of using this app include:

  • Its friendly child registration eliminates unnecessary paperwork that’s usually incurred during child registration.
  • Its invoicing and reporting features save you time and simplify your finances. 
  • Parents can report holidays and sick days online which provides the childcare centre with a more accurate occupancy forecast. 
  • Streamlined staff planning which lets you view the required staff in each room on a session by session basis.

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