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Five Low-Cost Child Care Marketing Ideas to Try in 2022

You know you’re a stellar childcare provider. We know you’re a stellar childcare provider. The trick is getting the word out to other people. 

If you’re trying to boost enrollment and attract more clients to your childcare center, here are 5 budget-friendly child care marketing ideas to implement in 2022.

1. Tell your story 

Parents and guardians want to know who is looking after their kids — what made you want to open a daycare? What are some of your values? Which element motivates your teaching style? What makes you the best person to take care of their little ones? 

Try setting up a page on your website or making a post on your social media channels introducing yourself and other members of your team. This will attach a friendly face to your brand and help foster a sense of trust with parents.

Want some inspiration for writing your bio? Check out the about us page for Wündercare, where we introduce our team!

2. Host an open house

Open your doors to the community and let them see what your facility is like. You can show parents the playroom their kids will have fun in, the learning tools you have on hand, where their kids will eat lunch, and the joyful, vibrant environment you’ve set up with them in mind. 

Pick days and times when parents are most able to come, like a weekday evening, and, if you can, offer more than one time slot. Some parents have irregular schedules! 

3. Highlight your specialties

What makes your daycare center different from the rest? 

Maybe you have a background in teaching or a full backyard playground in the middle of Brooklyn. Or you have training in early childhood development or experience working with kids who have special needs. Maybe you use an all-in-one childcare management app like Wündercare to keep parents in the loop!

Make a list of three things that make your daycare center special, and then highlight those features on your social media and on your website. With so many options to choose from, parents are looking for a place that stands out. 

4. Don’t be afraid of social media

Social media is one of the best child care marketing ideas to try in 2022 — and the best news is, it doesn’t cost anything to use. Here are some social media tips to catch parents’ eye while they’re scrolling:

  • Make intriguing videos that are relevant to parents using Tik Tok and Instagram. Find your niche and then dive in. You can share quick tips about dealing with a toddler’s tantrums, healthy snack-time recipes, or simple craft ideas.
  • Have kids already attending your center make drawings about their favorite things to do while at daycare. With parents’ permission, share these drawings on your social pages and highlight the fun kids are having with you!
  • Post regularly and frequently. Social media can seem like a full-time job, but it does pay off. Studies show that accounts that post frequently gain more followers and get more interaction than those that post irregularly.
  • Be authentic. Use your social media to show off your genuine personality. Keep it professional, but keep in mind that parents will be turned off by a presence that’s too market-y.

5. Get involved in the community as a child care marketing idea

You might not be able to afford to sponsor the local trash pickup or pay for a billboard along the T-ball fence, but you can volunteer to snag litter for a few hours on Sunday or man the refreshment station at the game. 

Meeting families in your community and showing them that you care about making it a better place is a great way to boost your enrollment and develop trusting relationships. More than that, it’s just the right thing to do.

Want to make your daycare stand out from the rest? Try Wündercare, the all-in-one childcare management app developed by childcare professionals.

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