Do You Need Apps For Childcare?

Okay! It’s true running a daycare or childcare centre is a tedious job but do I really need a childcare app for it? What makes the apps so special? If I’m burdened with work I could easily employ more people provided I have enough finance, so why a childcare app? If you are a childcare provider and you have such thoughts while contemplating whether or not childcare apps are right for your business then you have made it to the right blog post, and in today’s article we’ll be looking at the topic “do you need childcare apps?”.

In order to manage or run a successful daycare or childcare, one important factor that shouldn’t be ignored is communication with parents. Do these childcare apps improve communication with parents? We’ll come back to that, let’s forget ahead. Think about it, involving parents makes a wholesome and holistic childcare ecosystem. Then there are times when reaching out to them seems to fail, why? The answer will surprise you.

The traditional method of reaching out to parents is through mail and research has shown that the average American receives 126 important emails every day and out of the 126 received, only 34 emails are sent out each day. That means over 90 mails are left unattended. Is there a chance that your daycare or childcare’s mail is among the unattended mails? The answer is, it’s quite likely. Is there a solution? Yes! And the answer lies in using childcare apps like Wündercare to reach out to the parents. 

Still don’t trust them? We’ll be looking at a few reasons why your childcare business needs childcare apps to function effectively. 

Reasons why you need childcare apps?

Reduces paperwork 

When people often say running a childcare centre isn’t easy, a majority of the reason would be handling the amount of paperwork required in running one. Do you know that the average American uses 700 pounds of paper annually? Now imagine what a childcare centre would use annually. 

These childcare centres use these papers for storing different information ranging from letters to parents to daily reports. Storing that information is crucial for the business but at the same time, your staff members will become overwhelmed with workload due to daily repetition. Secondly, handwritten documents take time to create and they are prone to errors.

Wündercare (a childcare app) is designed to feature all the required forms and templates. This makes it easy for your staff members since they only have to key the information once and afterwards, it’ll be used in the following reports. This greatly minimizes and solves the paper problems which gives employees time to focus more on the children in their care. 

Improves parents engagement 

For children younger than 12 months, they require a special approach towards their development and the approach is a joint effort between the daycare providers and the parents. A lot of parents belong to the working class and as such, they don’t have time to spend with their children already. That’s why they can push that responsibility to childcare or daycare centres.

Just because they can’t spend time without their children doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be aware of the things happening around their babies. Apps like Wündercare help in keeping parents updated.

Improves employee’s retention and satisfaction 

Staff in daycare centres are required to have a high amount of the set of skills required to successfully run a daycare. Hence, having them carry out manual tasks and paperwork have proved to be counterproductive. As a matter of fact, more than 46% of Human Resource (HR) managers believe that burnout is usually the reason for half a company’s annual turnover.

Since childcare apps can take the repetitive work off your staff’s hands, it results in increasing employee satisfaction, decreasing turnover and burnout. Many daycare centres are taking advantage of using apps like Wündercare to improve their overall productivity.

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