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Revenue Booster: How a Drop-in Childcare Service Can Help Your Bottom Line

Facing lower-than-usual enrollment this fall? Or just trying to add some padding to your budget? Don’t shy away from a drop-in.

It’s likely that COVID-19 has impacted your bottom line. Parents are understandably wary about sending their kids back into group settings, and some are still working from home, saving money by keeping their young children at home during the workday. You’re looking for ways to fill those gaps.

We’ll say it louder for those in the back: Don’t shy away from drop-in childcare! Drop-in childcare, or back-up childcare, in which parents who aren’t enrolled in your center can use your services, is a great way to boost your bottom line through incremental revenue. 

Adding a drop-in option is like offering an entirely new set of services and opening up a new cash flow without having to change anything about the way you operate. You already have the space and the resources, why not use it to generate more revenue? 

Here are some reasons parents might want to use drop-in care: 

  • They have an emergency and their regular childcare option, such as a babysitter or nanny, is unavailable.
  • They’re in desperate need of a night out or a lunch date.
  • They’re shopping around for the best childcare center and want to try before they buy.

Let them know your childcare center is an option!

One huge benefit of offering a drop-in service: You can charge a premium. A one-time use rate is always higher than a recurring or all-at-once fee. Anything scheduled last minute comes with a price, so this will make sense to parents. It certainly makes sense to us.

This is not only a great way to earn some extra money, it’s also an advertising tactic. By giving parents the option to try before they buy, you create a sense of comfort and the opportunity to prove your value. Some people won’t even move forward with a childcare option if there isn’t an option to test out the relationship first. 

Whenever you’re looking to boost enrollment, you want to set yourself apart from the competition. Many childcare centers don’t offer drop-in services. By advertising yourself as one that does, and getting a listing on sites like hoppingin.com and care.com, you’ll be reaching a new client base and giving mom and dad one more reason to send little Benjamin (and their Benjamins) your way.

Because who doesn’t love an a la carte option?

Parents using your childcare center as a drop-in for the first will feel at ease knowing they can check in throughout the day using a preschool and childcare management app like  Wündercare. Give it a try today!

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