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How a Childcare App Can Transform Your Daycare

Did you know that in the United States, fewer than one-in-three children have a stay-at-home parent that’s able to watch them full-time? This means that both low-income and middle-income families rely on childcare in order to maintain dual-income households.

Although it’s a lucrative and necessary industry, you may come across some hurdles. Childcare management can be complicated and time-consuming if you don’t have access to tools that help manage your time. 

With this in mind, read on to learn how a childcare app can help benefit your daycare center today! 

Childcare App: Seamless Communication

One of the most time-consuming aspects of running a daycare is keeping up timely communication with parents. You need to be able to concisely explain your rates and what to expect for new clients. Furthermore, you’ll also need to keep them updated about the health and well-being of their children.

Childcare software allows you to create seamless daily reports for all your parents, including lessons, pictures, and even meal plans. You’ll also be able to manage any food or medicine requests. 

Automated Billing and Payments

Sending and reminding parents of unpaid invoices is another time-consuming aspect of daycare management. However, the entire billing process can be taken care of by daycare software through a payment system. Parents are able to pay online, and you can also send out automated billing reminders so that you no longer have to worry about outstanding bills. 

Admission Waitlist

As your daycare grows, you may have issues keeping track of the number of inquiries as well as putting them on a waitlist. There are only a certain number of children you can take at once, but keeping track of your inquiries will ensure that you’re never searching for clients.

Through a high-quality childcare app, you should have an automated way to keep track of all of your inquiries as well as put them on a short list when you’re done reviewing them. You can then move on to an easy-to-manage onboarding process to get parents set up as soon as possible. 

Digital Attendance 

Keeping track of the attendance of the children you’re taking care of as well as implementing safe checkout procedures is an important aspect of daycare management. Digital solutions not only make signing-in more efficient, but you’ll also be able to implement facial ID.

Along with checking people’s IDs before they pick up their children, this ensures that someone the child knows is always picking them up and not a stranger. 

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning becomes easier for teachers at daycare centers because you’ll be able to save all of your photos and documents to the app. This means that you’ll be able to access these files no matter where you are. You’ll also be able to share them with other staff members as well as curious parents. 

Choosing the Best Childcare App

When it comes to the best childcare app for your daycare, we recommend taking the to find an all-in-one experience, like Wündercare. This is because childcare management takes a wide number of tasks, such as constant communication with parents, keeping track of invoices, and lesson planning.

By using an all-in-one solution, you won’t need to spend more money using multiple digital solutions. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today in order to schedule a demo!  

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