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Everything you need to run your daycare center and more.

The functionality to operate your facility, manage staff, and communicate with parents all in one place. Ditch the spreadsheets and the copy/paste routine. Free up your time in your business to do what you want in the first place: care for kids.

How We Help Childcare Centers

Wϋndercare helps center owners manage childcare centers and preschools with ease and comfort. Wϋndercare can be used for everything from teaching to development updates to staff management, billing software, invoicing, and child portfolios. 


From maintaining the inquiry list to shortlisting candidates and finally, onboarding them, the app takes care of it all, replacing the various shared docs and spreadsheets.

Easily Create

Create quick and visually effective newsletters and share them with parents through email .

Seamless Parent Communication

Engage parents with digital daily reports, messages, pictures and lesson plans. You can easily message parents, share meal plans and manage their food and medicine requests.

Document Center

Manage, share, and store all the child documents in a single childcare management platform. Our preschool app supports photos, videos, and documents. Parents can upload all the child’s document which the teacher can approve and keep a digital record.

Contactless Digital Attendance

Stop wasting your time with paper sign in sheets. Go paperless with Wϋndercare’s digital attendance feature. Wϋndercare also allows for contactless check-in/check-out for parents and staff using facial ID.

Billing and

From receiving payment reminders to accessing the bill invoices, the entire process of billing takes place through this preschool management app. Parents can pay without visiting the school. All the payments can be done completely online through Wϋndercare.

How We Help Parents

Get Help With Your Daycare Business
Get Help With Your Daycare Business
Get Help With Your Daycare Business

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